LED floodlights

A series of LED floodlights recommended for illumination of all surfaces, both internal and external. This kind of luminaires can be used in many industries – advertising, stand building or architectural projects. The high quality LEDs and branded power supplies guarantee excellent light performance and long lifetime.

Professional LED floodlights

A series of the highest quality LED floodlights, including models designed for the most difficult and demanding projects, where the most important thing is reliability and the ability to adjust the product to specific applications. All models of the series are characterized by the high quality of the components used, high durability and resistance to weather conditions.

Oświetlacze LED


A series of modular LED floodlights with very high luminous efficiency and wide power range (from 75 W up to 1200 W).

Oświetlacze LED


The flagship series of professional LED floodlights with special asymmetrical lenses that distribute the light in two directions enabling even better illumination.

Oświetlacze LED


A professional floodlight with a special housing construction and asymmetrical lenses enabling even more precise light distribution.

Oświetlacze LED

Svart Slim

Multi-purpose series of professional LED floodlights with high luminous efficiency, protection grade IP66 and compact dimensions.

Economical LED floodlights

LED floodlights collected in this category are primarily a combination of successful projects with an affordable price. They are characterized by versatility, good lighting parameters and simple construction, which makes them a cheaper alternative to the professional series of illuminators – ideal for home applications or slightly less demanding.

Oświetlacze LED


Reliable and energy-saving series of LED floodlights for home use, small advertising and facade illumination.

Oświetlacze LED

Kronos Slim

An economical series of LED floodlights with a wide power range to choose and a high rate of IP protection.


Kronos Slim HP

Economical LED floodlight series with high IP protection grade.

Oświetlacze LED

Kronos Slim SE

Adjustable motion and twilight sensor, very good parameters, reliability and versatility of applications.



Multi-purpose series of professional LED floodlights with high luminous efficiency, protection grade IP66 and compact dimensions.

Oświetlacze LED


A multi-purpose series of compact LED floodlights with a modern design and three colour options of housing to choose from.

Floodlights installation arms

A series of functional and universal extension arms for floodlights, available in two length and two colour options. Ideally suited for illumination of all kinds of large areas & for highlighting architecturally interesting elements.