Źródła światła LED

BERGMEN LED light sources are a group of direct replacements for traditional light sources – incandescent, halogen, fluorescent and energy saving lamps. These products are characterised by very low energy consumption compared to their predecessors, while ensuring equally high luminous flux, wide range of colour temperatures and long lifetime.

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Astra LED bulbsLuna LED bulbsNeve LED bulbsPex LED bulbsStica LED bulbsFibra LED bulbsAR111 / ES111 LED bulbsT8 LED tubes

Astra LED bulbs

A professional series of high-tech LED bulbs with branded components and a long lifetime. BERGMEN Astra bulbs are divided into standard models and models equipped with an innovative iDAPT system, allowing an human eyes to adapt gradually to light intensity. Both groups are equipped with Samsung diodes and specially designed housing with great heat dissipation.

Luna LED bulbs

Aeries of economical amd ,multi-purpose LED bulbs for universal applications. The greatest advantages of BERGMEN Luna series are luminous efficiency, wide power range and availability of colour temperatures. The whole is complemented by a very attractive price, allowing you to choose the right model even with a very limited budget.

Neve LED bulbs

A series of high-efficiency LED bulbs, which are a direct replacement for traditional halogen light sources. Specially designed aluminium housing perfectly dissipates heat and guarantees a unique visual effect. Availability of GU10 and MR16 base models in two colour temperatures allows to choose the right version to your expectations.

Pex LED bulbs

A series of economical G4 type LED bulbs, which are a direct replacement for traditional 12 V light sources. High luminous efficiency, low power consumption and wide beam angle, while keeping a small size of the source, are the biggest advantages of this universal product.

Stica LED bulbs

High-performance, multi-purpose series of LED bulbs with G4 and G9 bases, which are a direct replacement for traditional 12 V and 230 V light sources. Wide spectrum of power, high luminous efficiency and 360 beam angle, allow to choose accordingly to any expectations or project needs.

Fibra LED bulbs

A series of decorative and functional LED bulbs with filament type structure, based on the innovative combination of multiple chips, imitating traditional incandescent bulbs. BERGMEN Fibra series is especially recommended for interior designers and architects. A wide range of models and the availability of compatible decorative accessories provide many design possibilities.

AR111 / ES111 LED bulbs

A series of universal LED light sources with 111 mm diameter, which are perfect replacements for the same size halogen luminaires. The line is especially recommended for business, commercial and public areas. Availability of 12 V and 230 V models allow these sources to be used in a wide range of lighting fittings.

Accessories for light sources

T8 LED tubes

T8 and G13 base LED light sources, which are an energy-saving replacement for traditional, fluorescent tubes. LED luminaires, unlike classic versions, emit uniform, intense light without flickering effect. Our three product lines – professional, standard and economical – allow to adjust lighting parameters to any expectations.

Master T8

Excellent performance, high Colour Rendering Index, modern design and great quality.

Standard T8

Very good light parameters, solid, glass housing made of opal glass, modern design.

Eco T8

Cost-effective solution with good light parameters and a competitive price.