A wide range of controllers and devices that modify the luminous flux or enable colour management, allowing the wider spectrum of use of supported products. All elements of the system have been designed to ensure maximum comfort and ease in its usage.

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LED controllersLED dimmersLED amplifiersLED detectorsLight dependent relay

LED controllers

A group of devices which allows colour control and luminous flux modification in any range and frequency (e.g. dimming, blinking, pulsing). The group includes both: simple and intuitive devices as well as professional DMX512 signal control systems.


Otie LED controllers

Small size, control and modification of white light and a wide range of colours, IP68

Otie Bluetooth RGB LED controller

Otie Bluetooth

Light management by using smartphone via Bluetooth technology, compact size

Otie Bluetooth MESH RGB LED controller

Otie Bluetooth MESH

Light management by smartphone – MESH technology allows you to group and control even up to 250 devices and many LED light sources in the same time.

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Light management via RF and directly by the controller, intuitive usage.

Sterownik LED Cirre Mini

Cirre Mini RGB

Small size, light control through infrared, easy in use.

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Light management through DMX512 and infrared, numerous static and dynamic programs.

Micro LED controller

Micro series

LED controller for indoor applications dedicated to both regulation of single-colour white and RGB.


RGB IC Controller

Universal digital RGB controller compatible with digital diodes. Equipped with 200 built-in programs.


Otie MESH Digital RGB Controller

The most technologically advanced controller from the BERGMEN Otie series management of digital RGB light sources using a smartphone or remote control.

Sterownik LED Contra 5-kanałowy

Contra series

The Bergmen Contra series is attractive in terms of parameters and prices. It is characterised by unique design and refinement down to the smallest detail

BERGMEN by MiBoxer

MiBoxer series

Bergmen by MiBoxer is a wide range of controllers, with wireless control of LED lighting via smartphone or remote control.

LED dimmers

A group of devices adapted to control the intensity of light emitted by the LED source and to smooth regulation of its intensity. It includes both basic devices, in which the regulation of luminous flux takes place by a potentiometer and those where control is exercised by wireless remote control.

Otie LED dimmer

Otie LED dimmers

Compact size, wide adjustment range, wireless connection, protection grade – IP68.

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Smooth adjustment of luminous flux by potentiometer or remote control, compact size.

Ściemniacz LED Micro

Micro LED dimmer

LED dimmer for indoor applications dedicated to both regulation of single-colour white and RGB.

Ściemniacz Contra HP-1

Contra LED Dimmers

The multi-purpose and intuitive Bergmen Contra series. It is characterised by exceptional refinement, high-class parameters and attention to every detail.

LED amplifiers

Signal amplification devices allowing quick expansion of the LED lighting installation, when the lighting power exceeds the capabilities of the controller or dimmer used. Thanks to three channels, the amplifiers are suitable for both mono and RGB signal amplification.


Otie LED amplifiers

Small, compact size, 4 channels for RGBW control, high protection grade – IP63.

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Mono and RGB signal amplifier, large power output, easy usage and quick installation.

LED detectors

A group of products that are both detectors and controllers their functioning is triggered by movement or change of light intensity. They can be successfully used in many industries and cooperate not only with LED lighting, but also with many electrical devices.

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Small size, touch sensor or infrared motion sensor, wide range of applications.

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BMS-400 microwave sensor

Microwave motion and twilight sensor, wide adjustment range, high sensitivity, high load capacity.

Light dependent relay

A group of light control devices using the measurement of light intensity. Thanks to the measurement the device can automatically, in accordance with the daily solar cycle, switch on or off LED luminaires or advertising signs. The main advantages of the series are reliability, easy installation, attractive price and a wide range of applications.