We are proud to present our new range of aluminium profiles under BERGMEN®’s brand – our own production gives us confidence that you will receive aluminium profiles of the highest quality ideally suited to LED strips.

Bergmen Aluminium

Our aluminum profiles have been designed to create, together with our LED strips, a perfect light line. Thanks to that they become a spohisticated element of lighting giving each interior a unique character. Carefully chosen sizes and their application types allow our profiles to be used in a multitude of ways. Our specialists took care of every little detail to offer you the highest quality products.

Surface mounted profiles and recessed profiles

A series of profiles with a wide range of applications – in walls, furniture, edges of countertops or as a stair lighting.

Recessed profiles are applied where an appropriate milling has been made, and therefore they are often used as a decoration. Recessed mounting allows for complete masking and evening out the profile with the surface, thanks to which the entire lighting installation looks exceptionally aesthetic.

The surface profiles are installed without the need to mill – most often screws, mounting glue, double-sided tape or dedicated handles are being used. They are perfect for situations where it is possible to mount a profile in a less visible place, without the need to significantly disturb the mounting surface.

Corner profiles

A series of profiles for both decorative and strictly lighting applications – in showcases, shop windows, recesses, furniture and in kitchen lighting. Their design allows to direct the luminous flux to obtain the desired effect, and together with properly selected covers, it permits suitable attenuation, dispersion or focus of LED light.

Glass profies and special application profiles

Profile aluminiowe

Our offer also includes profiles for glass and special applications. They are used in atypical applications where the use of classic aluminum profiles is sometimes difficult. In the case of profiles for glass, such installations include, among others, the illumination of glass shelves or engravings on the surface of the glass. When it comes to, special profiles can be successfully used as handles or rods, act as a radiator or lighting for stairs. They can also work very well as multi-directional profiles or for bent applications. If you think that classic aluminum profiles may not work for your project – contact us.

The sales representative will present you a full range of available profiles for non-standard applications and will help you find the best solution.