Cięcie profili aluminiowych

Being a company that designs and supplies a wide range of aluminium profiles, both for the construction of lightboxes and profiles for LED strips, we also provide cutting services for a strictly defined dimensions. Having our own circular saw for aluminium, we offer not only precise adjustment of profile lengths, but also adjustment of the cutting angle so that even the most complex advertising forms can be made. Thanks to the cooperation with reliable external partners, we offer powder coating services for our profiles to any RAL colour and formatting of aluminium composite panels.

Sufit napinany podświetlony modułami LED

For customers who are looking for complete solutions and time savings, we provide services of preparing ready-made lighting systems, ideally suited to the needs of each investment or project. We offer customised lighting systems in any configuration (profile, led strip, power supply, accessories) or cutting service for alu profiles.

We have more than 20 years of experience in LED lighting technology. Over these years we constantly develop our solutions and offer the products of the highest quality. Thanks to our qualified employees and a wide product range we are able to realise your project in a short time.

Moduły LED

As a leading supplier of components for the signage industry we provide extensive support from our sales, design and technical departments. We help not only in the selection of appropriate products in accordance with the project’s expectations, but also to configure them to obtain a perfect balance between the expected light effect and the most economical exploitation. We prepare spacing projects and provide any necessary calculations for LED modules and strips in LED Wizard – professional LED design program. This allows you to achieve the best light parameters in even the most complex advertising forms – from lightboxes of various depths and shapes to spatial letters and non-standard designs. Our technical department can provide all needed support related to the assembly or use of all components provided by us, as well as full after-sales and post-warranty service.

Projekty oświetleniowe

We have our own Lighting Design and Product Development Department, in which our designers and experts on the implementation of innovative solutions, are constantly analyzing market needs and provide consulting and design services. We successfully enter numerous tenders for providing professional illumination solutions, creating ready-made projects in specialized DIALUX and RELUX lighting planning applications. We also prepare our own designs of non-standard products such as: specialist aluminium profiles, lightbox frames or lighting accessories. In addition, we offer extensive support from our technical department on each order and a full after-sales and post-warranty service.

Projekty niestandardowe

Despite having such a wide product portfolio we often, we often design & produce new product to meet the needs of many unusual lighting projects – from those based on special products, to the ones based on nonstandard parameters or precise configurations. In our portfolio we have many achievements exceeding our standard operations – from complex architectural illumination, through LED luminaires configured for work in chemical, hazardous or high salinity environments, to demanding, tailor-made rebrandings of multinational corporations. We always make every effort to provide not only a product, but also the most fitting solution fully in line with expectations and, of course, budget assumptions.

Sterowanie i programowanie LED

Apart from to supplying a wide range of pre-configured LED lighting controllers, we also offer services of programming digital ones in accordance with customer guidelines. In addition, our Technical Department carries out numerous orders for the design and implementation of sequential LED controllers, as well as provides advice and support related to its installation and operation as a part of larger systems.

Transport własny

One of our top priorities is fast action. To meet even the most tight deadlines, we use the services of leading courier companies. In case, of international deliveries from our factories, we adjust the transport option to the expected completion date and budget. We deliver direct orders by means of sea, rail and air transport. We deliver goods from our central warehouse in both standard and express mode, and treat each of our shipments with the highest priority. For oversized products such as aluminium composite panels, we have our own own fleet, ensuring fast delivery, convenience and competitive prices.

Wsparcie, serwis

Our main goal is not only to offer high-quality lighting components and products, but above all our customers’ satisfaction. Therefore, we strive to provide the highest quality of service, from the assistance in making the right choice, through technical support during assembly and use, to full after-sales and post-warranty service. Our Quality Department makes every effort to ensure that the products we offer meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers. In the event of any doubts regarding their proper operation, our experts are at your disposal, providing both consulting and technical service.