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LED strip BERGMEN are light sources with a very wide range of application. They come in many shades of white light and colours: red, green,blue, yellow and RGB. BERGMEN LED strip offer includes both professional and economical models. The wide spectrum of application makes them a universal solution for any projects.

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BERGMEN® ProStandard PlusEconomySignage Specials


LED strip series with top-quality components, high lighting parameters and long product life. Each model differs in type of application, light efficiency, cutting sections, water & dust resistance, possibility of changing the colour temperature and its adjustability in shape and length.



A series of LED strips made in COB technology – a warrante of a uniform light line, even in a very shallow profile. Available in a full range of colours to choose from: all tones of white (2700-6500K) to colours (R, G, B).

COB Nano

COB Nano

A LED stripwith a width of only 4 mm, providing a perfect light line – no visible light spots, making it an ideal fit for shallow profiles.


Denso series

Professional series of LED strips with a high density of diodes per meter – up to 700 LED / m, which allows for an extremely bright light line. Products especially recommended for shallow aluminum profiles.

Taśma Filo


Very high degree of dust and water resistance IP67, full range of white light (3000-10000 K).



Innovative LED strip in a silicone, opal cover that allows for perfect dispersion and obtaining an uninterrupted line of light. In addition, the high protection factor IP66 enables the product to be used in places exposed to humidity.


Lestra series

A series of the narrowest LED strips available on the market, with a width of 2 to 5 mm, while maintaining high luminous efficiency and long life.


Lumio series

Professional series of LED strips with the highest available luminous efficiency up to 180 lm / W, which gives strong and very bright light with very low power consumption.

Taśmy LED

Masterline series

Adjustment of colour temperature within one product (RGBW), full white colour temperature range (CCT CH).

Masterline 90 WP RGB + WW-DW

Masterline WP RGB + WW-DW

Adjusting the color of light within the full color palette – RGB and two white colors: warm and daylight.

Taśma LED Rossi


Reliable LED strips series with triple PCB, high efficiency and higher IP protection grade.

Taśma LED Sill 60


Side view LED strips series – narrow and focused illumination, high brightness, long lifetime.

Sill Nano

Sill Nano

Sideview LED strip with a PCB width of only 5 mm and a strip density of 120 LED / m. Used in narrow, shallow profi les
and cutters.

Sill Ultra

Sill Ultra

Sideview LED strip ideal for edge illumination. It is characterised by a cutting section every single diode and by high LED density of 120 LED / m.

Taśma LED Sol Full Spectrum

Sol Full Spectrum

The safest and the best solution for the human’s well-being and eyes, CRI ratio at the highest level.

Taśma LED Ultimo


Cutting section every 1 LED diode – perfect length adjustment, double PCB for better heat dissipation.

Ultimo Ultra

Ultimo Ultra

LED strip with a cutting section every 1 LED, which allows for a perfect length adjustment. Selected SDCM <3 diodes are the best guarantee of perfect light colour.

Standard Plus

A group of universal, multi-purpose LED strip for a wide range of applications. Long lifetime, a variety of colour options in shades of white, colours and RGB, allow to match the model Standard Plus for majority of the projects – especially those where the ratio of price to quality is crucial.

Taśma Eleva 78 WP


Versatility and universality, wide range of colours, increased or very high IP grade.

Taśma LED Setti 120

Setti RGB

A series of reliable RGB LED strips in many power options to choose from.

Taśma LED Setti RGB IC

Setti RGB IC

Professional LED strip made in digital technology that allows a full range of colours and lighting effects by controlling each LED diode independently.


A series of economical LED strips designed for all projects requiring lower prices and satisfactory lighting parameters. Wide power range, full palette of white light temperatures, as well as the availability of basic colours and RGB, allow the choice of the perfect model for each need.

Taśma LED ANS 60


Low power consumption, wide range of white colour temperature, protection against dust and water penetration IP20.

Taśma LED Arla 120


Low power consumption, wide range of white colour temperature, protection against dust and water penetration IP33.

Taśma LED Issa 60

Issa RGB

Wide range of applications, high efficiency, long lifetime, low power consumption.

Taśma LED Lestra

Lestra Eco

An economical version of one of the narrowest LED strips available on the market. Only 4 mm, a power consumption of 6 W/m with an attractive price.

Taśma Lva


The best ratio of the light efficiency to the price – up to 135 lm/W, wide range of colours, long warranty.

Taśmy LED


Increased luminous flux, wide range of applications, 3-year warranty and attractive price.

Taśmy LED

Zaro WP

High efficiency, wide range of range of shades of white and of colours, availability of models with IP54.

Signage Specials

A group of LED strips dedicated for special projects especially in advertising. The offer includes both, models for independent external applications and the ones being sources of light in complex and narrow spatial forms and aluminium profiles.

Taśma LED Flex 6 WP


Possibility of bending the stripe at any angle, high protection grade IP65, choice of two widths: 6 mm / 8 mm.

Taśma Flex PRO

Flex Pro

Wide beam angle (175 degrees), high luminous efficiency, higher protection grade IP44.

Taśma LED Opal


Compact design – only 6 mm width, high diodes density per meter, long lifetime.