A group of multi-purpose products responding to the needs of developers and installers of store, warehouse, office and public areas. A wide range of length and power, very good light parameters, the highest quality components and full set of photometric tests can help meeting requirements of even the most demanding projects.

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Aqualis series

A highly efficient series of LED linear luminaires and a clear leader in its group in terms of luminous efficiency. It is characterized by hermeticity and resistance to dust and water penetration at the IP65 level, thanks to which it will also work well in difficult outdoor conditions.

Leganto series

A line of professional linear luminaires, perfect for offices, conference rooms, hotels, showrooms, museums. Very high luminous efficiency, branded components and the possibility of individual configuration of length, power, luminous flux, temperature, housing colour and type of lampshade are the biggest advantage of this series.

Facile series

Multi-purpose, flagship series of linear lights for internal applications, being a direct replacement for traditional fluorescent luminaires. Durable and resistant housing, compact dimensions, special design, very good light parameters and the availability of full technical and photometric documentation allow the use of this series in the most demanding projects.

Linea series

A series of professional linear LED luminaires for both internal and external applications, being an ideal solution there where high dust and water resistance is required. The key advantages of the series are the ability to combine luminaires into long light lines, high resistance to weather conditions, modern design, compact dimensions and very good luminous efficiency.

Lazaro series

A linear system of professional, fast assembly LED lights recommended for investments and projects requiring the highest quality components and very good light parameters. The biggest advantage of the series is the possibility of individual configuration of power, length, beam angle of light, colour temperature and a number of available accessories allowing to build any configuration of the light line.

Oris series

A series of universal LED linear lights dedicated to illuminate large-area stores, halls or warehouses. Its biggest advantage is the possibility of combining the luminaires into long light lines, the ability to adjust the distance between lamps in the line, high luminous efficiency and excellent heat dissipation thanks to a solid aluminium housing.

Aquero series

A series of high efficiency linear LED luminaires with very high protection grade against dust and water penetration – IP66. These products are recommended to both types of applications internal and external – exposed to changing weather conditions. Very high luminous efficiency, even light distribution and compact dimensions ensure an ideal visual effect.