LED ceiling luminaires are products with multi-purpose application, most often used as the main light source in a given space. BERGMEN brand offers several different product lines. All models, professional as well as economical ones, are characterised by the highest quality, stable light properties and modern design.

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Enix seriesDiamond seriesAllagi seriesStellar seriesRueda series

Enix series

The Enix series is the answer to the most demanding customers in terms of lighting parameters, quality of used components, lifetime and modern design. All products within this series are recommended for more designer projects, both standard and specialised, requiring a high degree of protection against water and dust or a high colour rendering index.

oprawy sufitowe led


High degree of Ingress Protection IP54, wide beam angle, high luminous efficiency, built-in power supply.

oprawy sufitowe led

Enix Pro

Very good luminous efficiency, high colour rendering index, branded Citizen COB diode.

oprawy sufitowe led

Enix Pro Aqua

IP65 protection rating, two mounting options, high efficiency, wide beam angle.

oprawy sufitowe led

Enix Pro Move

The housing is adjustable in two dimensions, high colour rendering index, branded Citizen COB diode.

Enix HP

Enix HP

Surface mounted luminaire characterized by increased power, exceptionally compact dimensions and an increased degree of protection IP54, which makes it ideal for installation in kitchens or bathrooms.

Enix 10 Plus

Integrated light source and luminaire, designed for durability and impermeability thanks to the sealed connection between diffuser and housing. Ideal lighting for high humidity areas thanks to the IP54 protection rating and waterproof diffuser.

Diamond series

A series of durable LED light fixtures, a perfect solution for hotels, offices, museums, apartments. The biggest advantages of this series are: solid housing, great heat dissipation and an opal shade ensuring even light distribution without visible light spots. In addition, the dimensions of this downlight correspond to traditional light sources, enabling their quick replacement.

Allagi series

Cost-effective LED downlight giving a wide range of internal applications. Replaceable rings give the choice of the colour of the visible part of the housing. Narrow beam angle is perfect for any spot and directional illumination. High efficiency built-in power supply

Stellar series

A series of professional LED downlights consisting of two elements: LED COB light source with different power and colour temperature options and a wide selection of decorative frames allowing creation of dozens of visual combinations. The choice surface-mounted and suspended models in various shapes and colours ensures a perfect match for any project or space.

Rueda series

Professional, fireproof LED downlight with a high degree of water and dust resistance – IP65, equipped with a long lifetime SHARP COB LED. The advantage of this series is the stylish and elegant design and the ability to change the shape and colour of the luminaire thanks to dedicated tool-free rings.

Light fixtures

A product group providing a perfect finish to any interior. Decorative, aluminium frames compatible with the most popular light sources, differ in colour, design and application. In addition to traditional series, BERGMEN offer also includes frames with increased dust and water resistance. Fast assembly and constant availability of dedicated light sources add to the advantages of this product.