A series of extension arms designed for installation of LED floodlights. Dedicated for illumination of banners, billboards, facades and various architectural elements.

Our extension arms are made according to our own unique design – there is no similar solution on the market giving such wide spectrum of use.

We offer two colour options to choose from: black and gray.

Available extensin arms options:

Designed for 10-30 W floodlights

Designed for 50-100 W floodlights

Key product features:

Movable handle for mounting the floodlight allows for it to be installed at any lenght of the arm and agjustment of the distance of the floodlight from the illuminated surface

The high-quality powder-coated steel,
highly resistant to corrosion and scratches is being used

The movable handle can be mounted in two orientations, which allows it to be used for both top and bottom illumination without having to dismantle the entire extension arm

The set includes:
extension arm, movable handle for mounting the floodlight, handle counter screw, end cap and hole for cable outlet.

The extension arms are compatible with the following series floodlights: Svart, Svart Slim, Nord, Kronos Slim and Kronos Slim SE.

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