Moduły LED

BERGMEN® LED modules are mainly directed to the advertising industry. They are designed for the illumination of all spatial forms. Wide offer when it comes to shape and light colours, allows illumination of even the most complex elements of advertising signs. They can also be used as light sources in the designer furniture, exhibition stands and architectural illumination.

Taśmy LED

LED strips BERGMEN are light sources with a very wide range of application. They come in many shades of white light and colours: red, green,blue, yellow and RGB. BERGMEN LED strip offer includes both professional and economical models. The wide spectrum of application makes them a universal solution for any projects.

Neon Flex

BERGMEN® LED Neon Flex is an innovative lighting system made in energy-saving LED technology. Its flexible, silicone construction and uniform light color makes Neon Flex a perfect alternative to traditional neon tubes. Neon flex could be widely used as a decorative or functional element. It perfectly combines the advantages of functional lighting and stunning visual effects. Thanks to very high IP protection grade – IP67 and durable construction BERGMEN® LED Neon Flex is adapted for demanding projects, both indoor and outdoor.

Bergmen Profile Aluminiowe

Our aluminum profiles have been designed to create, together with our LED strips, a perfect light line. Thanks to that they become a spohisticated element of lighting giving each interior a unique character. Carefully chosen sizes and their application types allow our profiles to be used in a multitude of ways. Our specialists took care of every little detail to offer you the highest quality products.

Gotowe systemy reklamowe

Illuminated lightboxes and snap-frames (OWZ) of our own production guarantee a perfect presentation of your brand or your product. Thanks to the increased visibility of the message in the dark and easy replacement of the graphics they are currently the most popular form of advertising. Check out our ready-made exhibition systems, ideally suited to your needs.

A group of products enabling construction and illumination of different advertising signs: lightboxes, snap frames, display panels, sign trays and more. They can also be successfully used in furniture making and exhibition industries.

Oświetlacze LED

A series of LED floodlights recommended for illumination of all surfaces, both internal and external. This kind of luminaires can be used in many industries – advertising, stand building or architectural projects. The high quality LEDs and branded power supplies guarantee excellent light performance and long lifetime.

Otoki LED

Contour and edge LED system designed to illuminate gas stations and architectural spaces, being an ideal replacement for the classic neon lights. A high grade of IP protection, a full palette of colours and a wide range of available accessories allow the construction of any linear forms in places exposed to variable weather conditions.

Sterowniki LED

A wide range of controllers and devices that modify the luminous flux or enable colour management, allowing the wider spectrum of use of supported products. All elements of the system have been designed to ensure maximum comfort and ease in its usage.

Zasilacze do LED

The BERGMEN brand is the undisputed power supplies leader in the advertising industry. The rich offer of power supplies includes both professional models, manufactured with the highest quality components and equipped with a range of security features and economic series based on cheaper but still reliable solutions, guaranteeing stable and safe operation in various conditions.